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In case you are not satisfied with Multifacet Technology, you may opt out of it any time by calling Multifacet Technology informing your intent to cancel. You acknowledge that the cancellation will be effective from the beginning of the next month after you provide notification at least 10 days before the next billing date. Multifacet Technology will email you acknowledging your request to cancel Multifacet Technology and also another mail soon after the cancellation of Multifacet Technology. If you do not receive a confirmation of your request to cancel Multifacet Technology after calling us or if you do not receive a confirmation of Multifacet Technology cancellation, you must notify Multifacet Technology by sending an email to or by calling Multifacet Technology Customer Care: Toll free no.


A minimum of $49.99 would be deducted from 1 month or higher duration Support subscription plan (PC Smart Care Plan) at the time of cancellation if the issue is resolved once. Full refund would be provided if Multifacet Technology would not be able to resolve even a single issue. There would be no refunds in case of incident based support if at least one of your issues has been successfully resolved. In case you have used our Multifacet Technology and still file a chargeback, your account would become ineligible to receive any refund from us.

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