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Multifacet Technology is a fire protection design consultant having 15 years of design experience keeping in mind aesthetic look, minimize labor cost, and easy to install. We are working with well know United states fire protection companies, we have work expertise in

  • Sprinkler system design
  • Hydrant system design
  • Material list
  • Shop fabrication drawing
  • BIM co-ordination
  • Estimation (breakout of quantity)

Sprinkler/Hydrant system design: We provide complete sets of drawings which includes Detailing, Riser Diagram, Seismic Calculation (if needed), #D Fire pump assembly diagram, Hydraulic Calculation…

Material List:- We provide complete sets of Material and shop fabrication drawing which helps in figure-out actual material installed, and also fitter knows which pipe materials/ pipes need to install where.

BIM co-ordiantion:-We do Coordination with other trades prior to installation which helps a lot during installation to fitters which saves project time and cost as well.

Estimation:- We provide estimated quantity of materials used in the projects, your work is to put the value and and labor cost, which saves lots of time of project manager, one can concentrates more to bring projects.

We are using latest software to complete work on time and with high frequency and best quality.

Software we have

  • Hydra cad for sprinkler system design, calculation, material listing, 3d modelling etc.
  • Sprink cad
  • Navis work for co-ordination.

For sample you can send drawing of around 10,000 sq.ft, we will provide you complete set of drawing.


We trust, you will save around 50% of your designing cost without compromising quality of work.

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